adidas Matchcourt at Working Class Heroes

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Q. When is a tennis shoe not a tennis shoe?

A. When it’s a skateboarding shoe.

Yes that’s right, this cool, Proper reading customer is wearing a superb pair of adidas skateboarding Match Court which feature a shred-friendly¬†vulc sole and rubberised toe. In fact someone should invent a skateboarding version of tennis, how good would that be? They’ve probably already done it in America haven’t they? Why am I asking so many questions today? Anyway, I genuinely think that these canvas classics could be the summer shoe you’ve been searching for. They also come in navy and black if you’re worried you’ll get robinson’s barley water all over your white ones, though to be honest that’s half the fun innit?

Buy yours here.

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  1. Little Eddy Bryson can read? I’ve seen it all.

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