adidas Originals Argyle Tops at Oi Polloi


Tennis Versus Football?  World Cup Versus Wimbledon?

No bloody competition is it?  Strong likelihood is that if you’re reading this on here, that footy is (or at least was) your ‘bag’ (unless you’re our Neil, as you well know, he hates The Beautiful Game.)

But what about when it comes to clothing, and footwear?  

Then the competition gets a bit tight, doesn’t it?  For every West German away kit from Italia 90; there’s a Borg Fila polo.  For every adidas Copa Mundial there’s a Nike Wimbledon or adi Forest Hills.  See where I’m going with this?

What makes the tennis versus football (nearly wrote soccer then, just to wind you up) debate even stronger is the links in football culture, with tennis wear.  You know the score by now: Tacchini, Lacoste, Fila to name but 3 all gaining massive popularity on the football terraces.

What else made lad’s of the 70’s and 80’s tune into Wimbledon if it wasn’t to see what McEnroe, lendl or Edberg were wearing?  (If I was bordering on a bit of light sexism I’d mention the pleated skirts in the ladies’ game; but I’m not, so’s I won’t.)

Fully tied up in the tennis-terrace wear are these offerings from adidas Originals, available now at Oi Polloi.  A V-neck cotton, lightweight knit and a cotton pique short sleeve polo. Both featuring a very Lendl like Argyle pattern.  Both very 80’s, both very ace.


Now, if they reissue the pink diamond version…It’ll be Game, Set and indeed Match.

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