adidas Originals – AW13 Trail Pack

Trail_PackDon’t ask me why but upon seeing these Torsion trail boots I ran around my log cabin* whilst reciting the following song at the top of my lungs…  In a mountain in Virginia stands a lonesome pine, just below , is the cabin home of a little girl of mine . Her name is June and very , very soon  she’ll belong to me, for I know she’s waiting there for me ‘neath that lone pine tree . In the blue ridge mountains of Virginia , on the trail of the lonesome pine, In the pale moonshine , our hearts entwine. Where she carved her name and I carved mine. Oh June , like the mountains I’m blue, Like the pine I am lonesome for you. In the blue ridge mountains of virginia, on the trail of the lonesome pine” Now when just the mere act of seeing a pair of boots has such a profound effect on your mood, imagine how ecstatic you’ll be when you actually get a pair on your feet? I know.

*terraced house in Stockport





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