Size? Exclusive: adidas Originals ‘Casual Deck Pack’


For those of you who just can’t wait for the arrival of ‘those’ rather spezial Tourings then I’ve got some proper good news for you my leisure shoe loving chums. This Friday welcomes the arrival of the Casual Deck pack a Size? exclusive featuring the adi Ease and the Seeley Boat skate shoes both of which have been given a rather charming leisure-wear vibe via the use of archive colour palettes, luxury leathers and some very well placed trefoils. Forget about going skateboarding in them, these beauties were made for Northern rock stars to go and get the Sunday papers in. So you have until Friday to move house and/or sell a couple of million albums, unless of course you already have, in which case you can buy me a pair please?



The adidas Originals ‘Casual Deck Pack’ adi Ease and Seeley Boat – size? UK Exclusive, will both be priced at £60 and available in UK sizes 6 – 12 (including half sizes). Releasing on Friday 17th October at 8am BST via direct links on our Facebook and Twitter pages alongside our dedicated newsletter. They will also be available from all size? stores from their respective opening times.

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