Adidas Originals Retro World Cup collection

You’ll have noticed that the World Cup is starting soon. The World Cup is brilliant. It’s at its most brilliant around now, just before the tournament actually starts, while we’re all high on hope and excitement and before any of us have had time to get halfway through Chile v Australia or Switzerland v Ecuador and realise we’re bored shitless.

adidas Originals Retro Football - image 10cpSure the World Cup is about football but mostly it’s about gossip, wall-charts, haircuts, stickers (68 swaps at the time of writing) and new team shirts. The new football shirts are the highlight of any World Cup with the only disappointment these days being that most of them are rubbish. To get around the problem of rubbish shirts, Adidas Originals have gone and released a range of retro jerseys based on original and dream designs. I don’t think (pfft…I know for a fact #geek) that Adidas have never made Italy’s shirt but they should have and it should have looked just like the one here (Which I suppose means they have now. Its post post-modernism gone mad).

adidas Originals Retro Football - image 9cp

The Argentina shirt isnt just one of the best on show here, it’s one of the best World Cup things of all time and the whole collection has a decent chance of being more entertaining than most of the tournament they commemorate. It’ll be brilliant though.

adidas Originals Retro Football - image 2cp


 These shirts and the rest of the collection is available from and the usual stockists.


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