adidas Originals SS13 ZX Pack

You’ve got to love a bit of ZX haven’t you? Despite originating in the late 80s/early 90s there’s still something very space age about them isn’t there? Though generally designed with joggers and distance running in mind, back then all my pairs got put through their paces bouncing up and down upon the country’s sweatiest and slippiest dance floors. Those ZX passed the rave test with flying colours every time I took them out, even surviving the infamous Chester Sports Hall All-nighter of 1991 where we lost many a brave raver who lost their footing during the relentless12 hour set and had to be stretchered off to the Lucozade tent, their palladiums hanging over the sides in ribbons. Speaking of colours the ZX 700 and ZX 750 will be popping up in January in a variety of new hues, my personal fave being the mustard 700s, very keen.




  1. Matthew C

    Hi. Can you tell me the release date of these shoes in the UK and where i will be able to purchase them

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