adidas: Snoop Lion as Ebeneezer Snoop… #bahumbizzle

OK as promised here is that Snoop Lion adidas film we featured snippets from last week in it’s entirety, so pour yourself a glass of egg-nog & juice and enjoy this classic tale of loss, regret and redemption then check out this Q&A with the main man himself….

adidas: Who is your favourite cartoon character? Or your childrens?

SNOOP: Scooby Doo…he’s tha originator of stoner comedy on cartoons, ya dig!?!   zoinks

Are you a fan of JJ’s work on Saturday night live or Beavis and Butthead?

Beavis n Butthead, that was real dope how they made fun of “It’s So Cold In Tha D” last year.   That shit had me rollin.

 How does it feel to be turned into a cartoon?

That’s liiiiivejacc!   That’s how u know u a boss….when people wanna see you in animated form.

At this time of year are you Bahhumbizzle or happyholidizzle?

HO HoHo …… n that’s tharizzle.

 What does ‘holiday spirit’ mean to you?

I’m thankful for everything that I have been blessed with this year n I hope that my positive message reflects on others so they can spread a positive message.

This year have you been naughty or nice?

Oh I’ve been very nice… JAH Rastafari!

Do you believe in Santa?

No… Santa Clause never really came to the ghetto.   When I see him immajacc him for all thoses years that I neva saw him as a kid.

What was the best/worst present you ever received?

When I was young we didn’t really have much so I was never used to getting much… nowadays, every present is a blessing so I have nothing to complain about

If you could do an adidas store dash what would be the first thing you would pick?

I’m a simple man… always in Freemonts and tracksuits… classic flyness.  Maybe a couple tech fits too.

What is your favourite memory from  holiday seasons past?

All the good times with my family… especially being able to spend quality time with my wife and kids.

How are you celebrating the holiday season this year?

I’m going to be touring overseas for new years so I plan to lay low with the fam for Christmas and catch tha Lakers game.   Hopefully they can turn it around by then and St. Nick can bless them with a W.

What is your favourite holiday movie?

Hmmm…. There are so many classics but I do love the end of Trading Places…

Who is your favourite reindeer and why?

Dasher… because Im always on the move… so quick so fast!  Be on da lookout break bread or fake dead


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