adidas Spezial AW16 Samba Pack


OK before I start this can everyone stop whining on about how the Spezial range runs out and isn’t available everywhere? It’s called Spezial for a reason you divs, if you missed out, you missed out, that’s part of what makes it so ace and if it was in Windsors it’d be called Normial or something. Anyway if you did miss out round two is just around the corner in the the form of a ‘Samba Pack’ which might sound like something off Strictly Come Dancing but it most definitely isn’t. It’s a 100% faithful 1980s version of the iconic adi shoe in OG black and white as well as black and neon green with a matching Beckenbauer track-suit, a graphic tee and that big, beautiful, buttery leather team-bag that we’ve all been hankering after since seeing it first appear earlier in the year. The Samba Pack will be arriving on the 3rd of November online and at select retailers around the world but definitely not in Windsors.









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