adidas Spezial AW18 ‘Acid Winter’

The mighty adidas Spezial is back for AW18 with more apparel, accessories and too-good-to-be true trainers inspired by the 1988 warehouse days of glory and the emergence of 21st century sound systems in equal amounts. Whilst we’ve all seen Liam Gallagher using his lime green Munchens as a telephone and gone a bit giddy over those perfectly pastel-y ZX452s the jackets are also pretty special/spezial. For those of a certain age the technical Climastorm fabric Loton jacket in powder blue and the reversible Carnforth puffer jacket will both transport you back to the days of hanging around motorway service stations and telephone boxes in the early hours of the morning whilst in search of the rave to end all raves. Whereas if you’re a young with it whippersnapper you’ll just probably think that they’re ‘sick af fam’. The first drop will be arriving at the likes of HanonTriadsWellgosh and Oi Polloi this Friday (07.09.18) with the second instalment due to arrive two weeks later (21.09.18). Oh and if you want to find out more about the acid house scene in Blackburn and the current sound system parties happening there then check out this chat I had with various movers and shakers involved in the scene here (sorry about my slouching btw, it was a funny shaped chair honest).

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