adidas Spezial ‘Made for Hip’ Elland SPZL

Dropping this Thursday adidas Spezial and Hip store celebrate the unique city of Leeds via the tremendous Elland SPZL – a vintage inspired silhouette from adi that’s dominated by a rich colour palette that references Leeds United’s famous stadium. The Elland SPZL pays homage to the incredibly passionate fan base Spezial has in God’s country (AKA Yorkshire) that Hip has been crucial in cultivating. Hip also connected with the local everyday heroes that populate Leeds through the shared vision of ALAW “All Leeds Aren’t We?” – a phrase sang proudly from the terraces of Elland Road and uttered every day on streets of Leeds in a way that only Yorkshire folk can. The Elland is signed off with some ‘Made in France’ style branding on the tongue that’s been replaced with the legend ‘Made for Hip’ alongside a foil serial code inside the shoe as a nod to a key date in the club’s history.

The adidas ‘Made for Hip’ Elland SPZL drops this Thursday (20.08.20) at the Hip Store here.

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