adidas Spezial SS16


Having recently spent some quality time working on an adidas Spezial project I’m fortunate/smug enough to already know just how ace the new Spezial collection, though having just watched this vid my excitement levels are still pretty high. For this eagerly awaited SS16 collection Gary and the team have travelled South of Herzo and looked to sunny the Cote D’Azur for inspiration. France is a country that has played an incredibly important part in the adidas story as well as more than likely being the reason why blokes in the North West of England still like to dress as if they’re about to win the Americas Cup. France’s second largest city Marseille was used as the location for both the lookbook and the accompanying short film (featuring Radio Grenouille) where ‘models’ were all local blokes street cast on the spot.  And as if all this wasn’t French enough there’s also a shoe in the collection called The Côte which is pretty much a new and improved take on the fabled adidas Beach shoe, whose glass cabinet you may have seen me fervently licking during the Manchester Spezial exhibition. ‘Impeccable’ as they say in Frejus.

adidas Spezial SS16 will be available to buy from the 19th of March.













  1. #darwencasual

    The Expert (Quite ironic)

    In answer to your questions and speaking as a working class northern man myself. In my opinion I’d say firstly; the range is aimed at people with taste in modernised, stylish, casual, sportswear who may wear certain items more suited to and in warmer conditions, say summer for example. Rather than people clad in standard Stone Island or maybe a suave Paisley shirt & cravat which I presume you wear given your apparent penchant for Alan Partridge.
    Secondly this range without doubt will be the most successful yet. It will sell across all demographics (or I’ll eat your cravat). For instance I myself will be purchasing the Spezial bag along with a couple of pairs of trainers and a few items of clothing. My 22 year old son will buy on the day of release each pair of the trainers alongside some clothing. I have personally seen items from the previous Spezial ranges being worn in quite a few countries, and the brand is constantly expanding. Look at the flags displaying the logos at football grounds literally all over the world.
    Something about your comments strike me as having a tinge of jealousy; Keep it Spezial, otherwise you may no longer be in a position to call yourself ‘The Expert’

  2. American Cheese

    GPWM The Expert.
    Go on, buy some more trainers!

  3. The Expert

    Don’t mean to be a mardy northern ponce but come on. ‘Alpine luxe’ was pure Alan partridge – at least the lad from the coral gave it a bit of substance and grounded it in some kind of sense of perspective.

    Question is who is this aimed and who is actually gonna buy it? There must have been meetings upon meetings about this. Yeah south of France lets rub the fuckers noses in it. Almost as insulting as doing on the brinnington overspill.

    Too much cocaine too much grubby fucking middle management involvement.

    Pic one: he name his Rio… yeah we laughed at that one. Jesus.

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