Adsum Marsu Jacket

I’ve been here many times before talking about my favourite NYCers Adsum and how they always manage to get it so, so right. Well, we’re back again because they’ve just released a new version of their Marsu jacket and I just can’t stop looking at it. Instagram can often do my head in when I’m scrolling through and everyone has just reposted the same photos but when this beauty appears in my feed, I get a little rush of excitement. Adsum just really ‘get it’ don’t they? I’ve said it before but they just do.

I will talk about it a bit (because there’s some space to fill here) but really the photos below tell you all you need to know (now you can’t stop looking at it either can you?). The Marsu (aka ‘Marsupial’) gets its name from its massive pockets. Constructed from high-durability, three-layer Japanese fabric with breathable three-layer taping which make it a perfect all-round hard shell that is perfect for all seasons.

It’s got all the things you need from a coat; sleeves, a hood, cuffs, zips, pockets…all that stuff but then so do most coats, they’re just not put together as perfectly as Adsum have put this one together. For English males of a certain persuasion, it showcases everything a coat should be; It’s waterproof, has a big hood, and zips all the way up to where you want it to. It’s probably made with trekking in the Cascadian mountains in mind but to my eyes, its natural home is on a terrace or in a beer garden (though you can wear it in the shower if you want).

You can get your lucky, mucky paws on one here

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