Adsum SS18

Whilst you may have heard of the Magnificent or S Club were you aware that there was a Group of Seven? Yeah there was, they were painters who shared a love of the Canadian outdoors and despite being initially ridiculed for their impressionistic take on the North American wilderness they went on to become the most celebrated artists in Canadian history. Their enigmatic and unofficial front man was Lawren Harris, a bloke who was as comfortable hanging out in private high-society clubs of the roaring 1920s as he was venturing out shirtless into the unforgiving wilderness with his paints and his easel.  They were a mixed bunch whose collective work played an essential part in forming the national identity of Canada and perhaps much more importantly have also influenced Adsum’s latest Spring/Summer collection.

Reflecting the Group of seven’s mix of high & low and casual & put-together the collection mixes smart and casual pieces together to great effect, with button down shirts and Italian twill pants sitting alongside more relaxed pieces such as the Lawren tee. Inspired by a photo of an elderly Lawren hiking up a mountain to do some painting the  tee features a ‘puff ink’ graphic made with a heat reactive foaming agent that will expand when exposed to high temperatures. Giving it a lovely 3D quality as well as the ability to age beautifully over time.

Check out the artfully inspired Adsum SS18 collection here.


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