Aesop x RÆBURN: Adventurer Roll Up

There was a time not so long ago when, for most of us, hand care was pretty low down our list of priorities. Somewhere between catching up on Love Island and finding out what colour bin needed to go out that week. But then the pandemic hit, we all found ourselves washing our hands while singing happy birthday every five minutes, and hand sanitiser pretty much became currency along with pasta and bog roll. Luckily, things have calmed down a bit since then. But the feeling of cracked knuckles and red raw hands will live long in the memory. So, expect a sensible hand care routine to be part of your ‘new normal’.

Fabled skincare experts Aesop have partnered with responsible fashion pioneer RÆBURN to produce a portable pouch for on-the-go hand care, available in three variants. The wide release version comes in a smart grey-on-black pouch made from pre-consumer recycled cotton and contains three products to cleanse and hydrate the hands when you’re out and about. 

A 300 limited edition version is also available, handcrafted from reclaimed 1960s aeronautical navigation maps of territories greatly affected by environmental degradation – highlighting the Aesop and RÆBURN commitment to sustainability. 

Finally, Aesop and RÆBURN have also provided an open source roll up pattern, which means you can even have a go at making the pouch yourself. So, if you’re going to start looking after hands better, maybe they can start earning their keep?

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