Afield: Mod Button Down S/S Shirt

A lot of people seem to think that the way to stay true to the mod ethos is by wearing a fishtail parka and riding around on a Vespa with a portrait of Paul Weller (looking like Zelda off Terrahawks) spray-painted on it of a weekend. However they couldn’t be much further from what being a modernist is all about could they?  All that stuff is well old fashioned daddio, get with the future fam and lose that pudding bowl mullet whilst your at it please. If you want to be a true modernist then you really should spend some time appreciating ace new clothing brands rather than whizzing your tits off to the Spencer Davis group down the town hall.  Speaking of which Afield provide the perfect example of this type of contemporary modernist attire and their button down, ‘pool camo’ print, short sleeved ‘mod’ shirt is the perfect combination of classic and progressive. Join me next week when I put rockers firmly in their place and try to get them wearing Japanese selvedge denim.

Get yours here from Afield and sell the scooter please as you’re really making the front garden look untidy.



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