AGATHA: The Real Life of Agatha Christie



If you’re a regular reader of Proper then you’ll already be aware of my fondness for a graphic novel. It’s a genre I’m quite passionate about and the particular ‘scene’ I dig involve stories of a realistic, non-fictitious nature (think more derring do than Scooby). Self Made Hero are responsible for some incredible graphic novels concerning real life people and the amazing lives they’ve lived including everyone from Hunter S Thompson to Edvard Munch. Their latest title involves the adventurous and intriguing life of everyone’s favourite whodunnit author, Agatha Christie. Though we may all know what really went down on the Orient Express much of Agatha’s personal life has itself retained an air of of her trademark mystery, up until now. This enthralling account really helps to lifts the lid on who Agatha really was, from being one of the first ever women to go surfing to staging her own disappearance. Having read this amazing account I have a newfound respect for Agatha outside of her impressive literary output and having nothing but admiration for such a modern and free-spirited woman whose exceptional skill continues to inspire and amaze people around the world to this day. Agatha is a class act, a truly amazing book about a truly amazing woman who wrote some truly amazing books.

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