AI Riders on the Storm

These AI Riders on the Storm jackets, pure and simple, look like something from a 1950s Sci-Fi film in which the civilised world has gone to pot. Ok so maybe I went a bit overboard but with an image so unique and names such as the ECM001R it’s difficult to imagine that these things are specifically designed for the sole purpose of snow protection in alpine environments.down-field-jacket-ecm407

Each lightweight down jacket comes fully equipped to withstand conditions found close to its origins – the Italian Alps. A fully protective zip up hood with accompanying detachable visors (for which alternative colours can be purchased online) and breathable ventilation means comfort, warmth and practicality are manufactured into each garment. Like many contemporary ski or snowboarding brands AI Riders on the Storm know that snow sports are commonly a family affair so full men, women and children collections have be released. Competition to the big names doesn’t end there. A high level of technological research has gone into designing the stand out hood/hat/balaclava with full manoeuvrability so you don’t find yourself staring at the inside of your coat rather than an oncoming tree. Even if you’re unsure of the novelty bobble detail on your head, don’t worry as that’s detachable too. 


What impresses me about the brand is that they seem to know what they are doing comes across as eye-catching or even juvenile but they have accepted this and decided to announce it further by the florescent colours they exhibit. A favourite is the digital camo available in gray-gres, dark-navy or traditional green-rosmarino. Perhaps they will claim, again for purpose, that these colours are high visibility in case of emergencies but I think different. The snow fashion industry has its clique and like a new, cockey kid on the block, they are unwilling to hide in the shadows. So if you’ve ever pondered how to survive nuclear fallout or just go for a ski and still look as cool as a cucumber in the process; now you’re sorted. (words by Luke Morris)


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