Alan Paine, Ice Cool Knitwear

Knitwear in this weather? Knit? Wear? “Give over Neil!‘ I hear you cry but no wait, hang on, listen, trust me. Brit brand Alan Paine have been busy in the lab this summer knocking up a pioneering new yarn that blends Supima cotton with Clima fibres and have come up with a resulting material that reacts to your body temperature and will keep you cool even in the sweltering mid-day sun. being the geeks we are we really love anything that manages to marry up traditional with technical so well without compromising the look or quality of the end product. This range is available in eight summery colours across four styles: a half and long sleeve shirt and a crew and v neck long sleeve knit. The only other things we need to keep us cool now are a jug of Pimms, some Roxy Music and a massive fuck off yacht.

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