Alan Paine, Snowdon 2 Colour Twist Crew

Given heritage brand Alan Paine’s strong track record for combining hard wearing materials with sartorial know-how, their two coloured thread, lambs wool sweater the ‘Snowdon’ couldn’t be a better example of what they do best. Managing to be both classic and contemporary the Snowdon looks like something Welsh farmers have been wearing to keep the cold out for at least the past 200 years as well as something that OL or Norse would be more than happy to put their name to. Trimmed by 2 tone cuffs and hem with a navy reinforced crew neck this rugged yet tasteful knit is guaranteed to gather admiring looks from men and women alike and for me is a genuine must-have ‘real ales by the fire’ kind of jumper. Now I think about it, the eye-catching colours and natural materials of the Snowdon does actually remind me of its mountainous, Welsh namesake.


  1. It looks like the interference on an old black and white telly. And I mean that in a good way.

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