Albam Cagoule, Archive sale

Great news! One of Albam’s first and arguably their best designs, the much adored Fisherman’s Cagoule is back after a four year hiatus. Released in a strictly limited run in a range of premium fabrics as part of Albam’s archive project. The launch starts today with the archive sale kicking off at 5pm followed by drinks from 7pm til 9pm at the Beak street store, well where else would it be? The Cagoules will also be available to buy online from 5pm today.


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  2. How the bloody hell can Albam have an ‘Archive’? They’ve only been around 3 weeks?!

  3. lookingforcompensation

    Maybe I will.

    Expect a letter from my solicitors (Dave my mate who did A-level law) in the next coming months.

  4. lookingstraightahead

    archive project?

    Christ – when ‘heritage’ goes up its on bum and back up the other end more like.

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