albam felted cardigan


If you went to an American Ivy League college back in the 1950/60s chances are that nobody ever said to you ‘Shut that pigging door will you it’s blowing a bloody gale in here!’. The reason why is because all those dapper James Dean type dudes were well wrapped up in just the type of charismatic and cuddlesome cardigan that the mighty albam have gone and created. Slightly longer than your usual cardy and therefore avoiding any unwelcome drafts, these beauties are made from 100% boiled wool (i.e. felt) and come in two seasonal colours – Magma red and Cliff. You could stay true their collegiate origins and match them with a smart trouser but personally I think they’re crying out to be matched with some battered 501s and a pair of Dr Marten shoes for the full Stephen Patrick Morrissey look (hearing aid/flowers optional). Either way you’ll be very warm and extremely cool. Buy yourself one (or two) HERE.





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