All-Black Comme Des Garcons at John Anthony

There’s a few brands in the world who are instantly recognisable not by their logo but by their shape and cut. Comme des Garcon is one of those brands. 

This CDG shirt at John Anthony couldn’t be anything but CDG. It’s entirely black – not just any black but a typically CDG black. It isn’t the sort of jet black that wants to steal your soul like a witches cape does; it’s the sort of black that’s inviting – somehow – like in between all the blackness there’s flecks of white. There’s a lightness to it. 

CDG has come a long way from jet black, and while the infamous 1981 show definitely featured the sort of blacks that could eat you alive (Google: Comme des Garcons black crows), the commercial varieties are far nicer to the soul. 

Any time you wear an all-black CDG piece you’re stepping into a lineage and history, a conversation around a colour that absorbs all colours. A colour that isn’t a colour. A shirt that isn’t a shirt. 

Grab this CDG shirt from John Anthony and enter a world of metaphorical musings and existential wallet-related dread. 

CDG at John Anthony.

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