All the Buildings in New York by James Gulliver Hancock (Rizzoli)

AlltheBuildingsNY Cover

Typical Australians eh? Living in a land of relentless sunshine and optimism isn’t enough for them, oh no. They also insist on travelling the world and showing off about how lucky they are to us poor bastards. Rather refreshingly though talented Aussie artist James Gulliver Hancock has done the reverse by living in various places around the world and showing off about each of his current locations rather than his native home down under. As he’s residing in Brooklyn the Aussie clever clogs has taken to drawing the Big Apple’s finest brownstones and skyscrapers in Rizzoli publications ‘All the Buildings in New York’. In fact it’s a bit of an going quest to capture all the buildings, with this beautiful book showing us  just where he’s up to at the moment (check out his site for regular updates).  Accompanying the wonderfully detailed images of some of the most iconic landmark building in NYC are nice little factoids; such as the Cosby house actually being in Greenwich Village despite the TV show placing it in Brooklyn or the handy list  he provides of past residents at the Chelsea hotel which includes Stanley Kubrick (a fact I’m ashamed to say I didn’t know).  Though New York is a place we perhaps all feel like we know via innumerable TV shows and films appearances, the way each building has been represented here highlights their aesthetic appeal and emphasizes their grandeur. Finally bringing them centre stage and making them the stars of the show instead of just being in the background. This is the kind of book that will fascinate and appeal to Sesame street rugrats and aged architects alike. Buy it HERE







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