Anarchy Comics: The Complete Collection (PM Press)

Copyright Spain Rodriguez in Anarchy Comics: The Complete Collection (PM Press, 2013)

Though I think/know I should take more of an interest in politics, there are two main obstacles in the way. The first being that I don’t really trust or believe any of the dead behind the eyes, soul-less I.T. manager types who pop up and beg for my vote in between arguing with each other every four years or so.
The second is that the entire sphere of politics is one painted in a drab, drab grey and whilst I appreciate that the weight of the world is a serious business; I still don’t think this is an excuse not to be able to laugh at life. Luckily for me PM Press have just released their collected works of Anarchy Comics from for those of us who missed out first time around (in the 70s and 80s). Contrary to ignorant opinion anarchy doesn’t quite equate to a world that looks like a Bad news video with cars on fire and bad hair/leather everywhere, no, it just means that politicians and the inevitable corruption that comes with huge amounts of power are rejected in favour of taking responsibility for our own lives. Basically, if you don’t like being told to do by corrupt idiots, then the wonderful world of anarchy is a viable alternative. These simultaneously funny and informative comics use their strips to illustrate the huge mistakes and tragedies that have been made by the various manifestations of political rule starting with Adam & Eve (being mugged off by God) right up to Ronnie Reagan. Despite being 30 years old, most of the content has stood the test of time, my personal favourites being a real life account of Peterloo era radicals hiding their beloved flag from the army and Spain Rodriguez’s account of Spanish civil war hero Buenaventura Durruti (and his column). Rubbing shoulders with these historical accounts are time travelling punks, New York yippies, gibbons with flick knives, and even a brief appearance by the fabulous furry freak brothers. So the next time someone asks for your vote, just draw a massive A on his or her forehead and tell them to read more comics.

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