And Wander Kevlar Vest Might Outlive You

And Wander fuses fashion and protection with its Kevlar vest.

and wander kevlar vest

Kevlar is a brand name for a specific ratio of blended fibres called aramids. These are a class of heat-treated and highly resistant nylon fibres that are used in all sorts of body armours and with varying properties. Many of the strengths of aramids are ultra-high-strength resistance, rigid molecular structures, lightweight, low flammability, resistance to abrasion and ballistic characteristics. Reading the lists of good things about aramids is like reading a list of Superman’s superpowers. 

You can blend aramids into most materials, including polyesters. So, ever the pioneers, that’s what And Wander have done, blending 7% aramid into 93% DYNAMONUS® polyester for their kevlar vest. 

The result is a very, very hardy kevlar infused And Wander vest that looks top tier. It won’t stop you from getting stabbed or shot, but it’ll last a very, very long time, and that’s what matters. If you get stabbed or shot you can pass it down through the generations. 

Grab the vest from John Anthony.

And Wander at John Anthony.

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