Archival Reinvent Teams up with Japanese FR2 for Tech-Samurai Collection

We previously covered Hong Kong’s Archival Reinvent, whose last collection revolved around the duality of camouflage and armour: security and stealth, protection and invisibility. 

The brand has now teamed up with Japanese FR2 – also known as fxxkingrabbits – for their AW21 season, where the two brands have released a meditation on the fusion of traditional Japanese martial arts and dystopian aesthetics. 

The Tech-Samurai Collection marries what could be considered polar opposites: dystopian utility with traditional, kimono-style silhouettes. In a way, this collaboration summarises many of the defining features behind parts of Japan and Hong Kong. Fast-growing cities explode with technology, pace, and infrastructure while maintaining a firm grip on tradition, heritage, and cultural roots. 

The range includes graphic tees, headwear, modular multi-pocket shorts, and outerwear – such as the 3D Suit Jacket and the Parka. 80% of the pieces utilise TeflonTM Fabric Protector which aids in repelling water, oil, and dirt. 

The collaboration will be available on the 30th August here.

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