Ardour Brand: CurveAll Jacket & Cord Scarf


Know the term “Heritage” is now a bit frowned upon in the #menswear sphere; sitting as it does alongside ’70’s DJs’ and ‘Kids’ TV presenters’ in getting people turning up their noses at something that’s ‘not quite right‘.

Nothing worse than fat-mods in their 50’s trying to dress in the same way they did when they first visited Margate as a fresh faced 16 year old high on ‘Blueies’ and fumes from the Vespa in front.

But alongside our love of technical fabrics and sports leisure wear, there’ll always be a part of us that gets a semi-on by modern gear that takes heritage pieces as a starting point then moves it on and updates it.

Ardour Brand are a label trying to do just that. No way routed in the past, having to invent a back-story to create a faux-heritage like some brands (naming no names here); instead they’re working slowly and carefully to build a brand based on quality items for the here and now.  But with a knowing nod to the industry and workmanship of the past.

They demonstrate this dead well in their Denim CurveAll Jacket. Following the lines of a classic Coverall, the brand have put their own spin (they also sell records btw) on it by using 14.5oz unsanforized denim and getting a bit fruity with the pockets. Just look at the shape of them: more curvaceous lines in them 4 front pockets and collar than at a reunion of 80’s Page 3 ‘STUNNERS’  all chomping on curly-fries in a room with no corners.


The ‘Industrial-RevolutionSteez’ is taken up another level by the addition of some copper and steel mix buttons, adding a bit of bob-on bling to this understated classic.

As time goes on it’s going to age and fade beautifully and become even more classically-classic and leave you looking like the best dressed lad on the Cotton Mill floor *hums Hovis ad music*.

If you want to up the fabric-aceness quota in one fell swoop then also check out Ardour Brand’s Cord Scarves.


A scarf. Made from cord? Called The Big Rib? Available in soft autumnal hues of Dusty Orange, Tan or Royal Blue?

Yes please. All day. Everyday.

Ardour Brand

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