Ardour Brand – Melton Wool CurveAll Jacket


It’s the season for wool; on that we’re agreed (fa,la-la-la-la, la,la,la,la or summat).

Ok, you might have to cover the wool with a good bit of technical fabric, if you’re to stay dry on maneuvers, but colder days defo call for wool.

So it just happens to be a bloody good thing that Ardour Brand have gone all woolen workwear with their new CurveAll Jackets.


Following the success of their 14oz Denim version (a right hit here at the Proper Mag bedsit) the ‘boys in the brand’ have released 2 festive favourites in rather fine Melton Wool.

There’s pre-Coca-Cola St Nicholas vibes via the Racing Green or fully Commercial Coke Christmas with that Red one. Both smart as; and are enough to get Mrs Claus (Mary Christmas) hotter than she should be at this time of year.

Made from heavy duty Melton Wool, they have those same curved pocket details and are finished with traditional wooden buttons to add a bit of aesthetic eye candy.

A versatile jacket that’ll see you through late night lock-ins, midnight masses, granny’s Snowball quaffings, and Boxing day matches or however else you’re celebrating your ‘Cool Yule’ (*pokes self in eye as punishment for using phrase*)





Ardour Brand


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