Armor-Lux at The Great Divide

I’ve been watching loads of ‘World War Two in Colour and HD’ documentaries lately, that I recorded off the Discovery channel. I think I’ve watched four.

I’ve seen one about ‘Bomber’ Harris deciding to drop a load of bombs on German civilians – which was sold as being an okay thing to do and didn’t mention the Blitz; another about the Desert Rats and the battle for the Atlantic – I fell asleep; one about the campaign in Italy because I like Rome – which wasn’t featured that much; and one about the German retreat out of Russia – loads of Soviets going ‘Waaaaaaa!’ and loads of footage of Hitler pointing at maps.

They all seemed to tell things from a narrow perspective but I suppose that there is only so much colour footage of World War Two so, to be fair, the producer’s options may have been limited. And I don’t think there were any HD cameras knocking around.

Besides those documentaries, something else that comes in colour are these summer breton tops from Amor-Lux, a brand which happened to grow massively as a by-product of the second world war.

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