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Ever wondered what it was about bumbling cafe owner René Artois in 80’s slighty xenophobic, BBC sitcom ‘Allo ‘Allo that got him the romantic attention of waitresses Yvette, Mimi and Maria and all the ladies?

Probably not, but for the first time I can reveal it wasn’t his position of authority as Café owner, but instead his penchant for wearing ace clothing on his days’ off.  And alongside the racks of St James knitwear and Armor-Lux in his sizeable wardrobe were some Gallic Workwear beauties from French brand Arpenteur.

Serge Gainsborg. Cool guy.  Not the most naturally handsome French man to come from across the Channel, but if you’d walked out with Brigitte Bardot or Jane Birkin on your arm, you must have been doing something right.  That ‘something’ was Arpenteur.


All right, some of the information in the above paragraphs may have been stretching reality a bit.  Or a lot. But you get my point.

If you want French Fancies throwing themselves at your feet (probably) then you could do a lot worse that treating yourself to some items from La label Francais: Arpenteur – available now at both Oi Polloi and Peggs & Son.

From ace quality Normandy fisherman jackets, to traditional Breton hats and linen popover short sleeved shirts.  Bit of something for everyone.



Few stand out pieces in the pictures below, particularly that Mayenne Jacket in navy & white Chambray,  and the Pantalon de Pétanque (how cool a name is that for some trousers?) ; imagine an early evening on the Boules Piste wearing that combination.  Serge eat your heart out lad!


So spark up a Gitane, pour a Pastis and take a look.  Then watch ‘Allo ‘Allo again…. *puts on cod French accent: “oooh René

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