Arpenteur at Oi Polloi


I once spent a prolonged period of time in France in my early 20’s.  Not at the pleasure of the French Gendarmerie nor as part of some Nouveau-Georgian Grand Tour funded by the Bank of Dad, more a bit of head-space time trying to get my act together, deciding what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I never did. On either front. But what I did gain was invaluable (alongside adding about 6 inches to my waistline): a penchant for petanque, a working knowledge of the works of MC Solaar, the merits of mixing Gin with Gini (try it) and a (still) unfulfilled longing to be as effortlessly cool as Gainsbourg.

What you do also pick up is an appreciate of inherent French style. Not Parisian haute couture, or scruffy high-topped French teen, but that organic ‘styling’ of French blokes of a certain vintage. Aged denim, heavy cotton work jackets, creased linen shirting and some top titfers – Mon Dieu! I’ve just described Arpenteur’s SS16 range.

You see that’s what Arpenteur do so bloody well. Take timeless gear from Gaule, update it for the modern man through material choices and tailoring, then hand it over to you to play at being Pierre in.

So grab your Gauloises, imagine you’ve got Birkin or Bardot (or both) on your arm and head over to our Francophile friends at Oi Polloi to see the SS16 range now.










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