Arpenteur Pyjama Shirt

Arpenteur. French workwear updated for the modern man. Perhaps a little less labourer and little more Eurostar business class, but clothes still beautifully put together and certainly built to last.

Their latest offering that has caught my eye is the Pyjama Shirt in blue coolmax stripes, featuring a cuban collar, straight across hem and a single open chest pocket. But last and not least, this particular garment is also 14% linen. That’s right. Linen. The very same linen that’s made from the fibres of the flax plant, an absorbent fibre that renowned for it’s cooling properties. The same linen that also softens the more it’s used and washed. What more could you want for walking the French riviera (has anyone ever actually done this?) or if stuck in a lift for two hours on April’s hottest day in 70 years (sorry Ed – at least you’ll know for next time).

Available from Oi Polloi now.


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