Arpenteur x Paraboot is French Sophistication

Arpenteur and Paraboot are two French brands that have a history of collaborating. Paraboot’s shoes are the sort of numbers you’d see on the feet of a sophisticated Parisian type, legs crossed, foot dangling lightly in the air. There’s a coffee or wine – maybe both – and a cigarette, burning slowly under the heat of an outdoor heater. It’s wet outside, but the Paraboot-wearer is unperturbed. The shoes are rugged enough to withstand the elements, treading finely on the line of smart-yet-prepared. 

Let the scene grow in your mind: the trees are turning golden and there’s a crisp bite in the air. The Paraboot-wearer adjusts his collar – an Arpenteur jacket in a slick silver with a neck fasten that slides subtly to the side, conjuring the layered sophistication of a cravat with modern approach. 

Finally, you realise that said shoes weren’t just Paraboot. They were Paraboot for Arpenteur: Arpenteur says “we want a chukka boot”, and Paraboot obliges. 

The chukka boot collaboration comes in suede and grain leather, in two chunky silhouettes, made entirely in the French region of Isère. 

The styles are shot below, quite fittingly, with crossed legs, a coffee and a copy of Monocle magazine. Personally, it’d be a lot better with Proper Mag 37, but let’s not split hairs. 

Browse the rest of Arpenteur at The 5th. 

Arpenteur at The 5th.

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