Art of Football Rework Vintage Scarfs into Jumpers

Upcycling is seeing a lot of attention as of recently. Firstly, it’s an excellent way for would-be designers to begin to bring their ideas into fruition. Old fabrics – be they scraps, offcuts, entire vintage pieces, or entirely out-there materials – are cheap and accessible in abundance. No materials have seen such interesting use, though, as football memorabilia: scarfs, beanies, tops, shorts – I’ve even seen football socks. 

Football scarfs are a sign of passion. Arenas of people stand with their arms spread, enlivened by pride, a scarf hanging across their body. Scarfs are versatile testaments of support. To extend their versatility, Nottingham’s Art of Football has reworked scarfs into sweaters, giving them new life while maintaining a degree of environmental resilience. 

AoF’s collection went live at the close of last month, with multiple items covering a range of teams and sizes. All the pieces are cut and sewn by hand, rendering each entirely unique. There are no duplicates. 

Browse the range over at AoF’s website.

Reworked football scarfs at Art of Football.

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