Asics Gel Lyte III

Do you remember hair gel? Wet look hair gel, specifically?

When I was eight or nine, I used to go up to the top shop and buy it in a round plastic tub and think I was dead grown up. It came in a blue or purple colour with the consistency of a watered down lava lamp. Mark Hanson, Callum Boyle and I used to have a bit of a competition going at school to see how much gel you could wear on your head and therefore prove how much of a grown up young boy you were. It left your hair all crusty and hard though, kind of like a problem we would all face a few years later but wouldn’t compare notes on in quite the same way.

These Asics Gel Lyte IIIs, in ‘Indian Ink White’ are far from crusty. They also don’t cost £1.50 from your nearest corner-shop, but that is with good reason. They feature the classic split tongue design, embossed branding and heel counter for support, on a cushioned Asics Gel midsole. Comfy. Boss colour blocking too. I like the way the Indian Ink colour has been splattered on the white branding with a careless wave of the designers fountain pen.

Now available at COMMONN for £99.

AsicsGelLyte3IndianInkWhite2 AsicsGelLyte3IndianInkWhite3 AsicsGelLyte3IndianInkWhite4

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