Ask Now Save Lives Campaign

I know that our posts are usually about amazing clothing and footwear but for this one we want to help get the word out about an amazing campaign that literally saves lives. Ask Now Save Lives is a campaign from Grassroots that sets out to raise awareness and to provide support network to those considering suicide. By asking someone about suicide, you show that you care and you also give them an opportunity to talk openly and to start turning towards safety. You can connect them with a network of support, such as friends, family and professional caregivers. When you ask for help, you give yourself a turning point and allow yourself to get out from underneath overwhelming thoughts and feelings, and become safe for now. Asking for support can help you realise that people really do care and that there is hope.

So for World Suicide Prevention Day this year, Grassroots Suicide Prevention has teamed up with renowned graphic artist and screen printer Anthony Burrill to launch a new digital and T-shirt campaign: Ask Now Save Lives.
Anthony combines simplicity with craft skills and powerful, positive messages and has collaborated with forward-
thinking projects across music, architecture, education, and more and now he’s joined forces to launch this life-
saving campaign. Have a look at what’s on offer here.

So if you want to get involved and show some support there’s an auction that has just been launched that ends of World Suicide Prevention day (10th Sept) that features some pretty amazing stuff you can bid on, including 12 rare pieces from Palace and exclusive prints from Anthony Burrill. Whilst you can also click here to get an Ask Now Save Lives T-Shirt, click here to find out more about Suicide Prevention course and click here to download the Stay Alive App. Proper are fully behind this fantastic campaign and will be bringing you more info on the actual day, so stay tuned and don’t forget it’s always OK to ask for help and always OK to ask someone if they need help x


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