Astorflex ‘Softflex’ at Peggs & Son

How amazing are these new Astorflex Softflex shoes? I haven’t witnessed this much flexing since it kicked off with the So Solid Crew and Westlife at the Brit Awards back in 2002. We nearly lost some serious music talent that night were it not for the calming manner and negotiating skills of Dane Bowers who stood between the two warring factions screaming ‘Leave it out lads it’s not worth it’ until peace as restored. They really were marvellous times weren’t they? Anyway back to these superb ‘tundra’ coloured, low profile suede court shoes in their warm ‘tundra’ colour, tonal stitching and (so) solid crepe sole. When it comes to food and footwear the Italians really do do it better don’t they?

Sort yourself a pair of Softflex at Peggs & Son here.


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