Audubon, On the Wings of the World


In a chaotic and fast paced climate like the one we currently live in it’s important to take time out to just unwind and enjoy some of life’s more simple pleasures, like sitting in bed and reading a lovely big book about birds. I’m talking ornithological here by the way before you get any funny ideas and more specifically the life of 19th century fowl fanatic John James Audubon. Who, if you didn’t already know was the author of seminal masterpiece ‘The Birds of America’ a book filled with his beautiful bird paintings that’s widely considered as one of the finest works of natural history and art. Audubon, On the Wings of the World however is a more of a modern masterpiece that explains in graphic novel form just how Audubon went about creating this incredible book during an era when the American wilderness had yet to be tamed or fully discovered. It’s a enthralling book that will take you a million miles away from the complexities of modern life and plant you firmly in a water-coloured past populated by wondrous woodpeckers, fantastic falcons and gorgeous geese. This book should appeal to you whether you spend your quality time twitching in the woods or tweeting in the hoods and should be perched by your bedside like an autumnal owl.

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