AXS Folk Technology at Oi Polloi


“….Be running up that road; Be running up that hill; With no problems…”  you bloody would have been Mrs Bush if you’d have worn some of this new gear from AXS Folk Technology, instead of them floaty skirts and leotards.

Though saying that Kate, you keep those outfits (and us our boyhood fantasies) and we’ll take some of this gear available now from the Stylish Urban Ramblers at Oi Polloi.

A new brand (only now into their second season) as you can tell from immediately looking at the items they’re a US label with their hazy heads in Hikerdelia (copyright Proper Mag Issue 12).  AXS Folk Technology are bringing wearable threads from the cliffs and forests of sunny Californ.I.A. to the streets of your town.


From 2 stand-out Wideneck Anoraks: with names from the polar ends of the ‘Hardness Stakes’ – Black Leopard (grrrrr) vs Peach (aaaah) to a Trail Coat,  Running Shorts and Trail shorts.  The latter looking like full on bad/good trip session from the second Summer of Love, particularly if worn alongside the Reni inspired bucket hat.  AXS Folk Technology would have you believe they were inspired by an American artist called Sam Francis in designing the hat, but come on lads, ‘roll another fat one’, we know better, Mr Wren is writ large all over it.



Also in the collection is a top-end Topo Designs Daypack, crafted with OUR pals (remember OUR colab Hikerdelia Tees) in 100% Tan Leather, which, without even considering how good the thin cut cow leather looks (if you can once you’ve seen it) has a texture that feels *puts on Californian accent* real peachy (ooooh)!


So get high on a happy vibe by having a perusal at the collection.

Available now at Oi Polloi or read more about the brand from their interview with Creative Head Kyle NG.

Twitter: @HiltonShoegazer


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