Bailey Nelson SS14 Shades

_MGL1476 MidMY EYES! MY EYES! Did they deceive me or has the sun finally come out of hibernation? Though it might not be quite warm enough to crack out the Hawaiian shirts yet it’s definitely time to get the shades out, unless of course you want to be squinting like a bedazzled budgie for the next six months.  If you are not a shades person, a set of aqua comfort toric lens will do. And if you need some shades you could do a lot worse than getting yourself some Bailey & Nelson London shades. Their classic styles are inspired by the likes of Marilyn, Hemingway (Ernest not Wayne) and Hunter S Thompson using colourful 1950s Italian acetates at a very reasonable £98 a pair. I’ve gone for a pair of the ‘Joyce‘ in champagne, in the hope that I will become more like Andy Warhol in that I’ll become a fabulously wealthy artist rather than getting shot by an angry feminist and making cameo appearances in Curiosity Killed the Cat videos. Anyway they’re great looking sunglasses and up there with my Ray Bans and Moscots in terms of quality.


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