Baracuta and Wacko Maria Reinvent the Harrington

Everyone knows that the Hoover – Henry Hoover – is a commonplace term for a vacuum cleaner because of market domination. Well, you didn’t know that the Harrington jacket is referred to as that because of a character it was associated with in the 60’s sitcom Peyton Place. Prior to the hoover, there was the humble vacuum cleaner, and prior to the Harrington jacket, there was the less humble Baracuta G9 – the original Harrington.

The G9 was designed and manufactured in Manchester in 1937, and by the ’60s and ’70s, was loved by Mods all over. 

Wacko Maria is a Tokyo-based record-store turned-brand that draws inspiration from Western memorabilia, paying attention to classic subcultures and lifestyles. 

In an unexpected collaboration, Wacko Maria has revamped both of Baracuta’s history-changing G9 and G4 jackets by giving them glamorous spins. The G4 is a slightly longer, more relaxed fitting jacket than the G9, but retains all of the G9’s attitude and prominence. 

The Baracuta x Wacko Maria G9 is available in a velvet animal print, complete with the tartan lining. The G4 is available in both black and tan. Both G4’s are completed with super detailed inner graphics which hark back to Wacko Maria’s Japanese background. 

Browse the range at Wellgosh.

Baracuta x Wacko Maria at Wellgosh.

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