Baracuta G9 & G10 Ventile

How’s your day going so far? I’ve already narrowly escaped a very large wooden shop sign landing on my swede, so yeah nice try Doris. Whilst deciding to wear a crash helmet every time you nip out for a latte might be going a little bit over the top, given the stormy relationship with have with the weather in this country you should always have a decent bit of Ventile outerwear to hand. Bang in time for this current onslaught of hellish weather Baracuta have just released a G9 and a G10 made from this weather-proof, hard-wearing and breathable fabric. Whilst we’re all familiar with the classic G9 harrington jacket, the slighter less famous G10 shares the G9’s iconic umbrella back vent but in more of a modern mac shape that’s on a ‘professional man about town meets street-wise geezer’ tip. A pair of casual classics with a technical twist that will keep you warm and dry whilst still looking super sharp.


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