Barbour Beacon ‘Beacon Beam’ T-Shirt at Psyche

If you’ve ever been down to Barbour’s home in South Shields chances are you’ll have seen the mighty red beacon AKA ‘the Groin’ that their outdoorsy range takes it’s name from. It’s a marvellous sight to see and I can only imagine how many sea-weary travellers have rejoiced upon spying it’s joyous beams after a treacherous slog upon the North Sea. Clearly proud of this local landmark the legendary outerwear brand have been using the Beacon in the imagery on their clothing over the years with 2020 being no exception. This season the Beacon Range has produced the ‘Beacon Beam’ t-shirt that features this North Eastern icon in full flash mode.

Buy a Barbour Beacon ‘Beacon Beam’ T-Shirt from Psyche here.


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