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It’s a universally acknowledged fact that wars are a bit shit. No, strike that. Very shit. Especially for those directly involved.

But, ‘every cloud and all that’ – countering the fact that you could shuffle of this mortal coil at any point, was the indisputable truth that some of the gear you had to wear, was in reality a lot more ‘on point’ than the clothing you left behind.

Sub-mariners might have been required to plunge the depths for months on end, eating food from a can and forgetting what fresh air tasted like (reminds me of being a student), but hecky-thump they didn’t half get some #menswear pieces apt for A/W14. Think of the heavy knits, duffle coats, waxed pieces and headwear them enlisted lads on board got through.

Barbour, a brand around at the time of WW2 were brought in to help kit out the enlisted masses, putting their knowledge of waxed waterproofing to good use. Still around, still waterproofing by waxing their cotton for the peace-time public, Barbour with their Dept (B) sub-brand are bringing modern touches to archive pieces.

The Navy Mast Jacket takes its inspiration from the waxed Ursula Suit that Capt George Phillips commissioned Barbour to make to protect him from the salty sea spray (ahoy there Captain) that he faced as a Submariner in 1940. The waxed cotton is still there but patterned with the ‘Barbour Beacon’ and the addition of beeswax panels to the shoulders, a cord collar, throat strap, large front zip and buttoned storm flap.



Try buttoning in the Barbour Dept (B) Red Deck Gillet to the jacket to add a bit of extra padded insulation for the onslaught of the cold weather. It’s got its own removable hood should you opt out of going full on Red Riding Hood Steez for your visit to your Gran’s house at the weekend.



Want to finish off with a bit of wool to keep you warm? Then get on the Dept (B) Navy Bolter Crew. Know its name sounds like an early 80’s Hip Hop outfit, but it’s a maritime knit slimmed down for the modern man.

That’s you, by the way.

1412609687-494376001412609674-903201001412609679-32910000All available (with free delivery for a limited time) from our pals at Pavilion Clothing


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