Barbour Made For Japan (SL)

Britain is an industrial pygmy. No longer the colossus of post war years, we’re now responsible for only around two percent of the world’s industrial exports. The decline of British industrial exportation aside our foreign cousins still like to buy our wares in their droves, recognising the design and quality on offer. Milanese men sit in cafes sipping on an espresso, wearing Acquascutum, lads from Buenos Aires two step at Palacio Alsina with a Perry on their back, pretending they’re from Broadheath. If you’d told John Barbour, back in 1894 as he set up the first shop at 5 Market Place, South Shields that fast forward a hundred years or so he’d have a shop in Shibuya, Tokyo he’d of told you to stop hanging around those opium dens. It’s happened though. Our sartorial brothers in the land of the rising sun have taken to his families waxed jackets with gusto. So much so that Barbour have made a line especially for them. The good news is Barbour have kindly saved a few for us. There’s a variety of Bedale’s, a Durham jacket and a quilted Liddlesdale in the range. Cut a little differently to Barbour’s usual offerings given they’re made for the Japanese market, they’re shorter and have a more tailored fit. A very welcome update to some classic coats, god bless globalisation.

 SL Quilted Woolen Liddlesdale jacket – Moss

Made from quilted woollen tweed, lined in the standard Barbour Tartan. The hem edges and pockets are nicely lined with a spot of corduroy. Very much the acceptable face of tweed.


SL Bedale Jacket- Bark

None of the Bedale brilliance has been lost here. Handsome as ever, standing firm in the face of the harshest of weather. There’s Tattersall lining and all the usual pockets. The shorter length means it’s not quite as suitable for getting on the back of a horse as the standard Bedale though. Apparently Willy Carson has written a strongly worded letter.

Bedale Bark

SL Durham – Blackwatch

Wanna play army? Fancy keeping the rowdy highlanders in check? You can in this. The Durham has been given a facelift with Black Watch tartan and twill lining. Great.

Japanese SL Durham - Blackwatch


Certain SL pieces are available from our mates Oi Polloi Atoo and Triads

Words by Greg Atkins

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  1. We carry a large stock of mens Barbour jackets in the shop. They are just not all on the web site. If you know the one you are isterented in you could call and order it over the phone? 01772 718048 Or call in and see for yourself. We would be more than happy to help you.Kind regards

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