Barbour Scarves.

When it comes to engaging the inclement, abhorrent, dreich and dire wet weather of the British Autumn/Winter (can you tell the difference?) we all do tend to get a bit hot under the collar for something a bit Scandinavian, Italian or perhaps something Japanese. And who can blame us? The world is and exciting sartorial oyster waiting to be cracked wide open.

However, sat on our shores, way off in the upper reaches of North East England, reside La Vecchia Signora (that’s Old Lady for the scruffs) of outerwear. Barbour’s coats have an undeniable quality and longevity that defies trends and time. However, apart from their waxed wonders, they also do a myriad of scarves to keep the wind from whipping down your neck in a storm and giving you the heebies.

To add a bit of spice to your bare throat, there is an array of checked patterns from the Bright Country Plaid scarf, available in Olive/Purple, Navy and Blue/Red –which actually belie the colours in the wares. The merino Cashmere Tartan Scarf also comes in a range of options from Cardinal to Ancient, offering a soft touch to the top of your cold shoulders. However, if you’re feeling a bit more muted they also have the superfine tartan scarf based on the original Barbour house check. Crackin’.

Available at Oi Polloi, Triads and Barbour.

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