Barbour SL Collection at Atoo


Those crafty gets at Barbour have accidentally overdyed some of their jackets and now they’re pretending that they meant to do it all along. Look…

The Barbour SL Collection was initially only available in Japan. This is because Japan was simply more #Menswear than the rest of the world and Barbour didn’t trust us with these lovely coats. They were scared that we’d start wearing them with brown loafers and make them stink of smoke, when trying to light our Homebase-bought chimineas if Pam and Geoff come around for ‘nibbles’ on the patio. Someone appears to have convinced them however, that we too like latt├ęs and fixed gear bicycles as much as the next nation and now they’re letting us have a go on their coats.


You can purchase these overdyed gems from Birmingham’s AToo and be as cool as your Tokyo counterparts. The classic Bedale is available in Stone, Red or Inky Blue and is slimmer than its forefather, meaning you’ll look all svelt and suave when you stubbornly refuse to take your coat off at the next sweltering in-store party at your local menswear retailer. They come with all the usual Barbour accoutrement of course, that corduroy collar hasn’t gone anywhere and they’ve kept those handwarmer pockets, for trying to look hard when your minibus stops at Keele services. In fact, if you fancy being even more intimidating-yet-handsome, why not get the Durham? It’s got a hood attached and dead nice leather toggles.

Buy one of these. It’ll make you happy.


Barbour SL Collection at AToo

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