Bass Weejuns

There isn’t much to add about Bass Weejuns that hasn’t been covered by books such as The Ivy Look and countless #menswear and Ivy League loving social media accounts. Bonafide classics are usually heralded as such with good reason and these loafers are no exception.

Maybe it is an age thing or maybe it is just a sign of changing trends, either way, quite a few years ago, these were something that were too far removed from the realm of coats, cagoules and suede running trainers. They were something that rich looking kids in London wore; not some teenage herbert from the North West, who is busy falling over seats and down stairwells at Stamford Bridge after 4 hours on a minibus and 12 hours on the lash.

Then, after a while, these shoes just made sense. Maybe you grow up? Or maybe you just wake up and buy in to a look which is so popular and long lasting for a good reason. That is why it was such a good thing to spot these on sale at a few of our trusted favourite shops. I think it’s time for a fresh pair.

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Bass Weejuns


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