[Mix] Basso : Paradise Airways

I’m sitting here trying to think of something to write about our next guest DJ.

I’m on my couch, unknowingly a sock has bizarrely left my foot, beyond that my dog constantly rotates as he tries to locate a comfy spot on his bed, daft get. In the background the Germany/Algeria game is on and the German’s have gone one up in extra time. It’s a good game. I’ve got the sound on mute so I can’t hear Andy Townsend, not just to prevent him ruining things with his “expert opinion”, it’s so I can listen to this month’s mix.

Here’s the thinly veiled link. I’m listening to Basso, he’s German and he’s also winning right now.


I’m over half way through and have only identified one track amongst his excellent selection of what seems ‘lightweight pop’ – it’s a diggers delight. Don’t know about you but I thrive from that, the fresher the music the better – I mean, who want’s to hear what you’ve heard many times before? You do? Move on then.

So. Basso. As well as being a great DJ, he’s behind the amazing Growing Bin Records. If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the site, click the link but be warned his passion for the music he sell’s will make you want to buy the lot. He’s also got a record out on the ever excellent Aficionado Recordings, which you can purchase here.

Enjoy his selection.

Oh, Germany’s just got their second. Night.




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  1. Could you please post a tracklist? I’m dying to know what some of these songs are

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