Battenwear AW17 Reach Up Sweats

Though I own quite a few brilliant sweatshirts, I think it’s fair to say that the Battenwear Reach Up sweat is my ‘go to’ jumper, or dare I say it? The first one in my cupboard that I reach for. Terrible Dad jokes aside, it really is one of those wardrobe staples that ticks oh so many boxes in terms of size, fit, look, feel, quality, pocket, logo, over all sex appeal and general wonderfulness. As the name suggests they’ve been designed with an active lifestyle in mind and provide the requisite flexibility needed to shoot hoops, scale mountains, get surfboards off roof racks and grab the more expensive bottles of wine from the top shelf at Waitrose (or ALDI). So if you’ve yet to experience the versatile majesty of a Reach Up sweat on your back then I wholeheartedly recommend you head over to the Battenwear site and remedy this problem immediately and buy one. Or if like me you’re already a ‘Reach Upper’ then you may still be interested to know that Battenwear have got some brand new sweats and hoodies on the site in beautiful black, happening heather grey and OMG that’s well nice olive.

Look, here they are, here.


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